Saturday, May 9, 2015

Assignment 5/9

Assignment Due 5/9: Choose a passage from "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," write out the passage, explain what it means and why you chose it.

Mass media then gives us a more realistic view of the world and increases our ability to communicate with others even though we lose out in the sense of the supernatural and the mysterious that used to make art so powerful, what he later refers to as the "cult value" of art. But he is aware that the potential exists for fascism to capitalize on this technology for its own purposes as well.

I think that this passage means that media has taken a big place in people’s life that in some ways it has come to replace the big meaning of art. Back in the day art had a bigger role in people’s life because it was the only medium of expression that they had but now with the media the mode of expression has change. I chose this passage because I see that the media and technology in general has devalued the big importance that art has. A lot of things are being replaced by technology and a lot of people don’t know the value of art.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Assignment 5/2

Assignment Due 5/2: Choose a passage from J√ľnger, write it out, explain the meaning of it, and why you chose this passage.

 Precisely because we have the technology to study the body more and its appearances we become more conscious of appearances (especially our own) and more aware thus changing humankind’s standards of beauty, but also social interaction and human behavior as well, as well as turning beauty into a commodity (i.e posters and pictures of Lola the cabaret singer):

I think that what this passage means is that technology plays a big role in the way people sees their body image. This is because everywhere we see images of what an ideal beauty is which makes people to get the technology to change their body or face image to what they think is beautiful. I chose this passage because this is exactly what’s going on in the world right now people are so desperate to fit in with certain body type and people don’t realize that beauty is not the most important thing in the world there’s many things that are more valuable than beauty image like education for example.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Assignment Due 4/18

Assignment Due 4/18 Choose a passage from Weber, write out the passage. Then explain the meaning of it, and then explain why you chose this passage.

The most important attribute for a professional politician is time, the time necessary to devote oneself to learning the intricacies of the political art. Also if the politician is not to derive a living entirely ‘off’ of politics and live ‘for’ politics, he must also be “economically dispensable” meaning he does not depend upon politics at all for an income.

I think that what this passage means is that the most important quality that a professional politician must possess is that it should be available to devote the time necessary to learn the complicated art of politics, in other words a professional politician must be ready to sacrifice their time for the politics and live for that. This passage also refers that politicians cannot simply rely economically form the politics. I chose this passage because I agree with it what it says, I believe that in order for a politician to do an excellent job it must be able to dedicate the time that it’s needed and that politicians should no rely on the politics for their income.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

assignment 3/28

Assignment (Due 3/28): Please choose TWO sections from the Weimar Constitution one from the first part on the structure of government, (Art. 1-108) and a second from the section on rights (Art 109-181). Write out the passages, interpret the meaning of them, and then explain why you chose these passages.

Article 104

Judges serving ordinary jurisdiction are appointed for lifetime.

 Against their will they can only be suspended temporarily or forced into early retirement or transferred to another location if a judge decided so, based on reasons and according to procedures determined by law. Legislation may establish an age limit, at which judges retire.

 Preliminary suspension conform with the law will not be affected.

 In case of a change in the institution of courts or their districts the state administration of justice may order the involuntary transfer of judges to another court or out of office, but only under the condition that their salary will be paid continuously.

 These regulations do not affect commercial judges, lay assessors and jury members.

My understanding of this article is that judges who serve ordinary jurisdiction are confining their lives to serve to the court system for an unlimited period of time until that legislation decides when they can retire. I think that it shouldn’t be like that because any person including those judges should have the right of free will and for me it is clear that appointing a judge for lifetime is against free will.

Article 117

Privacy of correspondence, of mail, telegraphs and telephone are inviolable. Exceptions are admissible only if based on a Reich law.

Article 117 clearly states that is it against the law to interfere with any mail, telegraph and telephone communication that corresponds to someone else. I think that article 117 addresses a very important law because no one has the right to know your private stuffs especially when it comes to personal information.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Assignment 3/21

Assignment (Due 3/21 ): Please choose a passage from one of Luxemburg's essays. Write out the passage. Explain the meaning of the passage and how it relates to politics today.

One thing is certain. The world war is a turning point. It is foolish and mad to imagine that we need only survive the war, like a rabbit waiting out the storm under a bush, in order to fall happily back into the old routine once it is over. The world war has altered the conditions of our struggle and, most of all, it has changed us. Not that the basic law of capitalist development, the life-and-death war between capital and labor, will experience any amelioration. But now, in the midst of the war, the masks are falling and the old familiar visages smirk at us. The tempo of development has received a mighty jolt from the eruption of the volcano of imperialism. The violence of the conflicts in the bosom of society, the enormousness of the tasks that tower up before the socialist proletariat – these make everything that has transpired in the history of the workers’ movement seem a pleasant idyll.
I think that this passage reflects what's going on in the world with all the wars that are happening right now. Many countries are in war with each other especially because they are fighting for power and wealth. However, every country defends their interest and their beliefs of what political system is the right one and which one is wrong one. However, what triggers a war between countries is need to obtain power. Many parts of the world are living in a total chaos because a war is not only between the governments but also between all the people who gets affected by the consequences of the war. This passage also points out that it is not only during war that people suffers but as well after it ends because it alters their living conditions

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Assignment 3/14

Assignment: Due 3/14 Choose a scene from M and interpret the scene and explain why you picked this scene.

I found very interest the part when the graphology is describing the murderer’s character. The graphology says that according to the murderer’s hand writing he suggests that this man is strong and pathological sexuality. The graphology also says that some of the broken letters shows that the killer has an actor’s personality. His handwriting also shows that he might be a lazy person and that it is very clear that the killer is insane. The reason why I pick this scene interest is that because at the same time that the graphologist was describing the killer’s character he appears looking himself in a mirror with a crazy look in his eyes. In addition to why I picked this scene from the M movie is because only an insane person could do to kids what he was doing. Therefore, the description fit perfectly with the serial killer.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Summary paragraph 175

Paloma Cruz

Paragraph 175 (Society - Homophobia)

Paragraph 175 is basically a description of a law that condemns sex between males and or by any humans who practice sex with an animal. The punishment will be imprisonment and the person can even lose their civil right. However, when the Nazi’s became in charge of the country in 1933 they reinforce the law; it was divide into three parts. The first part of the new law 175 includes imprisonment for a male having sex with another male and also includes that any male that participates in a sex offense because it has being influence by someone else will be imprisoned as well. However, a minor of 21 years old may be punish in a different way or just a less severe punishment.  The second part of the new law 175a includes a punishment of 10 years in prison and no less than 3 months for any male who uses violence to have sex with another male. This punishment also applies to any male that is over 21 years old and commits a sex offense against a male who is less than 21 years old. It also punishes any male who publicly abuses of another male. The third part of the new law 175b includes a punishment of imprisonment and or the loss of the civil rights for any human who has sex with animals.